Modern Dating Just Got Meaningful

Vibe is a first of its kind dating app that brings the fun back to online dating.

The meaningful pursuit where something is at risk when approaching another person.

A dater is incentivized to make connections with people who value them the most.


Let’s face it. Men get on all the other dating apps and endlessly swipe right as fast as their fingers will let them.

Your inbox is littered with cringeworthy messages and you waste countless hours for a single, lousy date that leads nowhere.

Now, you set a price (from $1 – $20) and men will have to pay that small fee before beginning their conversation with you. If you have too many messages, raise the price and find the person who really values your time and connection. If you have too few messages, lower the price and see what happens. You are in control.

It is sort of like he is buying you a drink. He sits across the bar, wondering if he should… the anticipation building. Something is at risk and it makes it meaningful again. But, instead of a bar, its the convenience of your phone. And, it shows you that this was more than just a random swipe.


You spend hours on your phone and swipe until your finger hurts. But no response.

When you find the person you really want to meet, there really is no way to stand out.

With Vibe, when you send a message, she will know that you value her time and truly want a connection. You pay the small fee that she has set – only once and only if a meaningful conversation is started.

About Vibe

This community belongs to the users. And, when a guy pays the price set by the lady to send a message to her, all of that money will be paid to the users for making this a better community.

A Message




On-line dating is such an integral part of dating now. I'm so excited to give control back to women over their dating lives. I look forward to helping everyone cut through all of the noise and hassle, and helping them find meaningful relationships and connections.




    Dating apps have fundamentally shifted the way we meet and find love. And, I'm focused on giving power back to women to control their romantic lives. We are all more than just a swipe so the way we meet fun daters should reflect that.


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